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  • Moleskine Cahier Journal Large Plain Brown Kraft Review

    3 Moleskine Cahier Journal's in the Large Plain Brown Kraft option, sketched on and in by me with graphite and ink

    The Moleskine Cahier Journal, in the Large Plain “Brown” Kraft option has been my absolute favorite sketchbook over the last 2 months. Starting August 1st of 2020, I went out and got a pack of these (they automatically come in three packs, 80 pages per, for around $14.99) at Target, I even returned a extra Moleskine Art Sketchbook that I had bought from them because I was getting tired of pages being inconsistent with ink (certain pages were like Bristol board in how they accepted ink, then the next page feathered like crazy), and it was also hard to justify the price per page to just doodle in the thing ($21.99 per sketchbook for 104 pages).

    It was hard for me to just use the Sketchbook Moleskine as a sketchbook. I described this problem in my LEUCHTTURM1917 Plain Journal Review a few months back. One of my problems with that sketchbook was that there was ghosting to the back side of every page. Meaning a book that had 250 pages effectively only has 125 pages now, since I’m not drawing on the back of the sheets. I’m not really saving money.

    That’s where the value of the Cahier comes in.

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  • Mitsubishi Uni HB Pencil Review

    Sketch created with a Mitsubishi Uni HB Pencil

    I’ve really been wanting to try out the Mitsubishi Uni HB pencils since I found out how amazing the Hi-Uni HB pencils are from Mitsubishi (honestly all of their pencils I’ve tried from them have been great thus far). The concept of the same core, but a cheaper pencil sounds like a winner to me.

    As it turns out, the Uni is a very hard pencil to come by in America. Jetpens, CW Pencil, shoot even Amazon or Ebay doesn’t really have them. I was only able to source a box via The Thackery (same with my box of Kita-Boshi 9500’s), though you can get some vintage pencils from some Etsy sellers (which I generally don’t care that much about vintage). So, are they worth it?

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  • Kitaboshi 9500 HB Pencil Review

    Kita-Boshi 9500 HB Pencil and Sketch

    I have gone very, very far down the wooden pencil rabbit hole these last few months. I just purchased a box of “Super Drawing” Kita-boshi 9500 HB Pencils (love that they mention drawing, most just say some form of writing), and they’ve been pretty darn great for drawing and sketching thus far.

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  • Zodak Commission

    Zodak Or Zodac from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Illustration ink brush screentone

    This was pretty fun, a full 11”x17” commission of Zodak (or Zodac, apparently) from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for L Jamal Walton with a request for screentone specifically! It let me cut loose and not be quite as reserved as i am in my personal work with it (it is a finite resource!).

    Want a commission of your own? Shoot me an email! and we’ll work out the details.

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  • Möbius+Ruppert Grenade Brass Bullet Review

    M+R Brass Bullet Handheld Pencil Sharpener Grenade Granite 0604

    I’ve really gotten into pencils lately. First I started playing around with different sized mechanical pencils and leads (0.5 mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9 mm of the Pentel Sharp line mostly), then to 2mm lead and lead holders, then re-discovering Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencils, finally to just embracing the grand daddy of them all, the simple wood encased pencil. I blame this mostly on Caroline Weaver (no relation), the owner of CW Pencils in NYC, and the book she mentioned in her shop, The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance by Henry Petroski (who also just happens to be a professor at Duke University here in Durham, NC).

    I got a bit obsessed, and I’m just barely getting out of being obsessed. In future posts I’ll go over a few of the different brands of pencil I’ve been using, but the thing I’ve used the most (and kind of fine the most interesting) has been the Möbius+Ruppert Grenade (sometimes called “Granite”) Brass Bullet.

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  • Balloon Girl

    moms know best meme girl balloons

    This is a study, apparently from a meme. I just thought it looked pretty cool, awesome color palette. I wanna grab a whole set of colored pencils now, I’ve really been digging using them lately.

    Took a photo of this because my scanner is insanely awful for color, especially subtle color.

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  • Painting Study May 5th

    1800 painting study master portrait profile woman ink and screentone sketch

    Playing with different sized screentones here, as well as throwing a “core shadow” in there to help the transition between white and tone on the skin. Wally Wood did that a lot, I’ve been trying to workout how to do it in my own work.

    The face is pretty soft, and trying to render the hair with the braids was fun (that’s a challenge I would normally not take, hah).

    I’ve been looking into how I can use things like this to influence my work, or even as reference to make new, finished things. Lawd, new finished pieces! I can barely imagine.

    Side note, this is the closest I’ve felt to a LiveJournal feel in years. I’ve enjoyed this new website update where I’ve had to “post” everything (also, maybe might help with some SEO too, better than my last site with all the images just on one page, hah).

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  • I can quit

    man with shallow skull in profile smoking ink and screentone sketch

    Another little photo study in my sketchbook that I added screentones to for no reason. Trying to draw some different head shapes and facial features than I have been in my sketchbook (back to the Moleskine for this one too, btw).

    This has been the longest I’ve been smoke free since before I started (basically since last November, minus a dalliance or two). It’s still not really out of my head yet, which I wish it was. I think about smoking them on occasion still, but it normally helps when I smell one out any about and how gross it is.

    Also, I think about how it can kill you and that stops the thoughts too.

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